How do Hippies ALWAYS become Entrepreneur Moguls?

Ever noticed over the years how some entrepreneurs are so nonchalant and laid back about their business and somehow are SO successful?  I bet you have! We have all met these entrepreneurs, and it is likely as inspiring as it is frustrating!  This type of entrepreneur is open to whatever growth comes their way, and somehow this approach works really, really well!  These entrepreneur’s behavior could best be characterized as “Hippie,” and yet their success is best characterized as “Mogul!”

Ironically if you take a moment to think about it, this model is actually ingenious.  Lets through this and break down why this type of entrepreneur can become so successful.  To discover how we can achieve Mogul status…and possibly embrace our inner slacker along the way!

1) Great Products and Great People Skills  – The “Hippie” type of entrepreneur is an amazing person to be around because they are pretty laid back and always interested in others story and thoughts.  Essentially making everyone around them, including the prospective customer, feel really good.  Next these “Hippies” take great care in making their products and services.  Whether jellies, a gourmet dishes at restaurants, or duck calls these products/services are of a high value and it is noticeable.  So the lesson is combine a high-quality product/service with a up-lifting entrepreneur personality and the result is a buying experience that makes the customer feel good!  And that is an addicting feeling for anyone.  (Like buying candy bars at the pool because the cashier is really attractive!)

2) Casting an Intrinsic Desire to Help – The Great Product and Great People Skills have a profound effect on customers, in terms of loving the entrepreneur and loving feeling Good.  When people feel good they have a tendency to want to share or make others feel good as well, which is cut short when a “Hippie” entrepreneur doesn’t have a growth plan.  Almost everyone on the planet views this as a tragedy and feels compelled to spread the good feeling and to help this “vulnerable” entrepreneur achieve the success they deserve.  This inevitably kicks customers “natural desire to help the needy” into overdrive and causing them to take it upon ourselves to refer others, promote the product, and at times even personally advocate and sell the product and entrepreneur.  Transforming the “customers” into the “sales force,” while making them feel really good for the effort.

Most of us have done this at some point or another, and it made of us feel really good…even if we knew the “Hippie” entrepreneur wasn’t really in need.  Granted often we do this for people in need, but somehow the “hippies” approach causes our subconscious to misinterpret this as a helpless person.  Now think about that for a moment, there is a massive industry around customer engagement designed specifically to turn customers into advocates, and somehow these “Hippie” entrepreneur have learned how to achieve this naturally.  Pretty ingenious, huh?

3) Giving Thanks – To further fuel the customer’s happy feeling, the “Hippie” entrepreneur gives habitual praise to everyone, including those who have become the sales force, those who are customers, or even those they meet on the street.  This causes:
1) Customers who have helped to instantly feel even better about themselves and want to do more;
2) Customers who haven’t done anything, to feel even better as well and feel further compelled to help;
3) Everyone else to feel good and to want to become customers and more engaged!

Moreover the more successful a “Hippie” type of entrepreneur gets the more praise and credit he/she defers to others, causing more people to feel ever better about them selves and to increase their support for the “Hippie” entrepreneur.   This endless cycle of making others feel good, “acting” helpless, and giving praise and credit to others fuels the “Hippie” entrepreneur success…constantly.  Sure not everyone is helping, but those that do are so emotionally charged they are set on pushing the “Hippie” entrepreneur to stardom!

SO what can be modeled from “Hippie-type Entrepreneurs” to achieve more success for us?
1) Care About Your Customers (and leverage high-quality solutions as proof of your level of care)
2) Show Distribution Vulnerabilities and Make Other Feel Good
3) Give Thanks and Share Credit Constantly (If your success builds others’ egos, then if they want to increase their ego further they will increase YOUR SUCCESS!)

What have been your experiences been with “Hippie” entrepreneurs and what lessons have you learned?