It’s NOT Real: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success

My key to entrepreneurial success is to convince myself: It’s NOT Real!

As an introvert, entrepreneurship is scary as hell!  Compounded with my Attention Deficit Disorder, which is constantly working to change the subject in my mind.  Yet to be successful I need to effectively pitch random people products and services (which sometimes don’t yet exist) and then cast a focused vision for what the customers can achieve.  These are actions that are probably above and beyond what most introvert’s would want or even think they could do.  The anxiety is almost overwhelming just thinking about it as I write this.

So that is why pitching myself “This Is Not Real” is so important.  Perhaps that is also why many introverts, such as myself, LOVE playing video games…its a chance to be bold because we know it’s not real!

This may seem funny, but there is actually some sound psychology behind the personal: “It Not Real” pitch.  In fact in his book: “The Psychology of Selling,” Brian Tracy suggests many of the best salesmen say to themselves aloud “I am the Best” repeatedly before meeting with a client.  As this practice massages the subconscious mind to believe it is actually “The Best,” causes the person to be more relaxed and focused.

Success = Being in My Own World…like a Kid!

For me, telling myself “It’s No Real” is for the purpose of being able to achieve the many actions, activities, and functions required to be a successful entrepreneur.  For most of the actions, activities, and functions of an entrepreneur wouldn’t be possible for me to do within my “natural” personality.  Thus convincing myself that entrepreneurship is just another video game to be played has helped me tremendously.  Especially in times of intense negotiations and in emotionally heated situations.  For the perspective of a “not real”  situation allows me to remain laser focused on how to achieve success.  Thereby removing all of my natural anxiety.

This simple act of changing the “perceived” reality is SO powerful that in the period of a few years, a team of entrepreneurs and I figured out how to reverse engineer the small business economy to build entrepreneur communities.  Achieving this impossible milestone as an ADD introvert, was like beating an incredibly hard and yet insanely fun video game.  It was a rush like no other!

So while it’s fair to say that entrepreneurship should not have been an ideal career option, after more than 10 businesses and building more than six entrepreneur communities…I have seemingly proven the impossible.   Then again in my head, this is an absolutely awesome video game that isn’t real…right?

Have you ever tried convincing yourself that an stressful situation isn’t real?  If so, did it help you?  What other ways have you found to overcome the impossible or unlikely?